Frank Newbold is an emerging name in the world of interiors, from his background as a stylist and visual merchandiser to his appearance on Interior design Masters on BBC2 and Netflix in 2019. Now nestled in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside, Frank is embarking on the next stage of his design career with the formation of the Frank Newbold studio and other exciting ventures.

Newly invigorated by the rolling green hills of the countryside and the wildlife for which he has always had an affinity, his design style remains fluid and evolving, a statement look which is his signature motif. Vivacious colour palettes of regal azure greens and lavish mustard yellows resonate with Frank, as does a reverence to creatures great and small playfully utilised throughout a space in a charismatic nod to the joy that animals can bring.

Frank has always frolicked with the relationship between nature and the human space, feeling that the interconnectedness of occupied areas with the surrounding environment creates personality in interior design and promotes the pleasure, enjoyment and delight that can come from a beautiful room. Never one to blindly follow the trends of the moment, Frank’s maverick approach to interior design and styling is inspired by the road less travelled. His bold aesthetic eye, crafted during his time in the industry, delivers a soulful authenticity to each scheme - guided by the space he is creating and the personalities he is creating for.

Frank’s beginnings take us to the heady days of his youth, revelling in arts and textiles at school which led him to explore the study of design at college. At this time in his life, he discovered that he excelled in design and styling but was more at home in the creative studio than the classroom. This lesson was key to his early footings as a designer as he knew from this point that he wouldn't be pursuing the formal academic training which was the usual route into the industry. This was a bold leap of faith into the competitive world of interiors but his confidence in his skills and his commitment to his craft was the driving force that would lead him to success. Frank knew that his path of discovery would take him out to converse with the world of style, design and interiors, both across the globe and in the exciting world of visuals which would welcome him for his first major projects.

His initial foray into professional design work directed him into visual merchandising which allowed for a formative insight into not just the experience of designing on a larger scale, but also the importance of building relationships and networks in the industry. This time of his life was a whirlwind which he reflects upon fondly, however he ultimately felt boxed-in with aspects of this life, and felt like he couldn’t be creative in the way he wanted to be. Known for pushing boundaries in style, the limitations of the role became constrictive.

Rambagh Palace - Jaipur Rambagh Palace - Jaipur

This was a turning point for Frank, aspects of visual merchandising spoke to his skills and talents but he needed to find a way to unleash some of the creative energy he had been building up. It was at this time that an epiphany changed directions for Frank as he embarked upon his greatest love affair, with travel and specifically Northern India. Over the past six years, Frank has visited numerous areas of India and each exploration brings a new love of the country.

From the incredible colours, the gorgeous climate, and wonderful people, Frank has been truly affected by India in both his personal and professional lives. Having spent hours wandering the verandas and patios, we see the influence of indoor/outdoor dynamic living in much of his work. Further influences come in the form of traditional craft methods and many of his visits now include a search for artwork, trunks, furniture, textiles, ceramics and all the objet de curiosité on offer.

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur is often quoted by Frank as his favourite place in the world and the pink city of Jaipur itself is the enigmatic friend which keeps him returning time and time again to find new offerings of delight. Frank’s first visit to India was a transformative moment for him and he returned with an invigorated passion for styling and interior design.


After taking the plunge and moving to London, Frank took on a role with a prominent luxury interiors brand - visual merchandising on a much larger scale! For several years he honed his craft and built the foundation of knowledge and experience that would serve him well into the future. It was during this time that Frank refined his style ‘likes and dislikes’, finding overly symmetrical, neutral and sleek schemes to be a prominent trend but not where his heart was. As his style and design eye matured he would begin to take more risks with his schemes and to embed a signature, unorthodox air to his design work. Frank appreciated that a minimal vibe has its place - but his ostentatious, lavishly appointed and sultry schemes began to gain attention.

Frank was headhunted for a position at an Ascot based interiors company which was the preferred supplier for notable estates in London, including; Grosvenor, Crown Estates and CapCo. Frank’s personality really shone through during his time with the company as he quickly took on major projects; becoming primary liaison and managing the budgets of prominent clients, translating briefs to head office, and working with the team to deliver excellence on each scheme. The freedom to stretch his design wings meant that Frank emerged as an accomplished, distinct and reliable professional in high-end property, specialising in the Central London Market. With incredible mentors and inspiration helping along the way he took a leap of faith to challenge himself by becoming a freelance designer and stylist.


In just a few short years Frank has curated an impressive portfolio of varied projects which range from assisting styling, through to full art direction, and private residential projects. All the while continuing to evolve and develop as an interiors expert garnering inspiration from the world around him. Through the experience he has gained, he is able to present diverse looks to fit any brief whilst also presenting bold options and outside-of-the-box thinking to challenge the brave and daring.

2018 saw a new challenge arise for Frank as he was approached to appear as a contestant on Interior Design Masters, an opportunity he jumped at. Showcasing his distinct design style and vivid personality, Frank’s story is just beginning to unfold! The Frank Newbold brand is about more than just lavish design, it’s about embracing eccentricity, global vision and capturing significant moments through the everyday minutiae. Frank is, as the dictionary would define him; unmistakable, sincere, honest and direct in both his style and presence which is translated into the work he creates and the way he operates. With new projects on the horizon and the start of the Frank Newbold Studio, this evocative designer is taking his signature styling and striking designs to new heights.